City Names 2021 Award Recipients

2021 Distinguished Service Award - James Cochran_captionedDuring the January 20, 2022 City Council meeting, Mayor Steve Miller, Mayor Pro Tem Michael Roy Zenchuk II, City Manager Robert H. Logan, and Chief Tommy Keheley presented the Distinguished Service Award, the 2021 Employee and Officer of the Year Awards, and the Bob Fuller Leadership Award to deserving employees while surrounded by coworkers, family, and friends.

Presented by Mayor Pro Tem Zenchuk, James Cochran is the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. From Mayor Pro Tem Zenchuk’s presentation: “Many of you know James, he is our Building and Grounds Technician, but what he really should be called is the Director of First Impressions. From the monument signs welcoming residents and visitors to the City, to the flowers at City Hall and City Parks, to making sure the medians are mulched properly, James takes a lot of pride in his work. We really appreciate everything he does for the City day in and day out.” James has worked for the City of Holly Springs for 15 years. 

2021 EOTY - Tracey Chambers - edited_captionedFrom City Manager Robert H. Logan: “The 2021 Employee of the Year is the epitome of a team player. She has worked hard to learn how to successfully complete her own job duties, as well as the duties of her co-workers so that she can lend a helping hand whenever needed. She takes the Golden Rule to heart, making sure to treat her coworkers and customers as she would want to be treated. Numerous customers have complimented her, saying that she made their job easier. She is detail-oriented and always has a can-do attitude. For these reasons, and many others, Tracey Chambers is the 2021 Employee of the Year.” Tracey has served as the Administrative Assistant in the Community Development Department since December 2018.  

2021 OOTY - Jay Burns - edited_captionedFrom Chief Keheley: “No matter the organization you are in, there are your supervisors and managers, but there is also a group of people that I call ‘silent leaders.’ They can be people from entry-level to top of the chain of command, but they are always behind the scenes doing something for someone. People within the organization feel free to go to these silent leaders for advice and feedback and they are constantly taking on the role of mentor. The 2021 Officer of the Year, Corporal Jay Burns, is one of these leaders. Cpl. Burns joined the department in May of 2020 and has quickly grown into a valuable asset in the Uniform Patrol and Criminal Investigation Divisions.” 
2021 BFLA - Jeff Lance - edited_captionedAlso from Chief Keheley: “For almost 10 years, Sergeant Jeff Lance, the 2021 Bob Fuller Leadership Award recipient, has provided unparalleled service to the residents of Holly Springs and the police officers he serves beside. Sgt. Lance manages a portion of the Administrative Division which includes background checks, code enforcement and new officer hiring. He has over 30 years of law enforcement experience and is a wealth of practical knowledge. He is a go-to for many officers. I truly believe Holly Springs is fortunate to have a man like Sgt. Jeff Lance on our team.” Sgt. Lance began his service with the Holly Springs Police Department in February 2012.