2022 Tax Information

Enroll today- Registered Users Can…..

  • Save accounts - Do you have multiple properties in Holly Springs? As a registered user, you can link them all together and make payments from your registered account.
  • Store payment methods - Tired of having to re-enter payment information every time you make an online payment? Tired of writing checks?  As a registered user, you can store your payment information; set it up one time and you’re done. 
  • Schedule payments - Have you ever forgotten a due date or to put the check in the mail? As a registered user, you can create a payment to be processed at a future date.  Set it up today, pay it in a month or any day you choose. 

You can also enroll in E-bill to receive your tax statement through email.

Please note, registration is not required to pay your taxes online. Registering simply provides users with enhanced functionality.

Click the link and register today!    www.hollyspringsga.us/taxes