Fire Services

The City contracts fire and emergency services with Cherokee County. The joint venture has led to the construction of two state-of-the-art facilities. The City enjoys an ISO rating of 2-2Y and is working diligently to lower the rating as we progress forward.

Fire Station 3
Station 3 opened in January 2017, replacing the Hickory Flat Volunteer Fire Station which was constructed in 1976.

Located at 270 Crown Avenue in the Harmony on the Lakes community, the 9,000 square Station3-2 - Copyfoot facility will offer many benefits to both the residents of the community and the firefighters that serve them. Bi-fold doors not only cost less to maintain than traditional overhead doors, they also respond quicker. Textured epoxy floors allow for easy cleaning to prevent cross-contamination of infectious disease, negative pressure ventilation will remove dangerous gases and carcinogens from the air, and an on-site exercise room will allow firefighters to condition their bodies for the physical demands that come with the job without having to leave their station.

Fire Station 8

Fire Station 8 is located at 100 Hickory Circle,  off of Hickory Road, just east of Holly Springs Parkway. station 8 - CopyStation 8 serves the entire City, with other County stations providing primary back up if needed.

Station 8 is the headquarters of the Holly Springs Volunteer Fire Department. In addition to the on-duty crew available for emergency response, the station’s 30-plus volunteer firefighters are ready to respond.

More Information

Please visit the Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services for more information.