Burn Permits

The City of Holly Springs Fire Code Official's Office is responsible for issuing both commercial and residential burn permits.  Burn permits are subject to weather and burning ban restrictions as determined by the Georgia Forestry Commission.

Commercial Burn Permits

Commercial Burn Permits must be obtained from the City of Holly Springs Fire Code Official's Office and are good for ONE month at ONE location.  Permits can be renewed for same location at no cost for another month.  Commercial permits require a visit by the Fire Code Official's Office to visually inspect the areas involved.  You can request an onsite inspection by calling our office at 770-345-5536.

Our list of Commercial Burn Regulations should be reviewed prior to contacting our office for inspection.


They can be reached at 877-652-2876 or www.gatrees.org

Forestry Information

Close attention needs to be paid to the following chart information:

  • Mixing Height below 2,000 feet - No burning permitted
  • Smoke Dispersion – Cannot burn if bad or below
  • Humidity – below 35 no burning
  • High Winds – no burning
Residential Permits

Residential burn permits should be acquired on a daily basis and are subject to weather restrictions.  Residential burn permits are issued for hand piled natural vegetation only (see Residential Burn Permit Guidelines) and cannot include construction debris, tires, plastics, and other man-made material.

Please fill out our online form.  Once submitted to our office, you will receive a call from the Holly Springs Code Official's Office by 10 a.m.  Each permit is good for ONE DAY.

WEEKEND BURNING: To burn on the weekend, please visit the Georgia Forestry Commission's Daily Burn Permit information page.   Scroll down to Cherokee County's burning information. For further information, you can contact the Georgia Forestry Commission at 1-877-652-2876.

Types of Fires Allowed Year Round

Recreational fires where only logs or clean wood are being burned for pleasure, religious ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purposes are allowed year-round.  The total fuel area for recreational fires cannot exceed 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height with a minimum of 25 feet from all structures.  No garbage or yard waste can be burned during these types of burns.  No recreational burning is allowed on windy days (10 MPH or greater) or on days when atmospheric conditions could cause smoke to remain low to the ground (cloudy, overcast or rainy days).  Recreational fires must be attended by an adult at ALL times.  Access to a water hose or fire extinguisher must be available to reach the fire if needed.

Bonfires which are larger than recreational fires are also allowed year-round as long as only logs or clean wood are being burned.  Bonfires must be 50 feet from structures, 25 feet from wooded areas or pine islands and 25 feet from adjacent property lines.  A bonfire permit is required to be issued by the City of Holly Springs Fire Marshal's office.  Please call 770-345-5536 to request an inspection and obtain a permit.