Building Inspection Request

How to request an inspection:
To schedule a construction inspection, please complete the form below by 4:00 p.m. of the business day prior to the date of the requested inspection.  The City will complete the inspection within 48 hours (during normal business hours).

Requested Date of Inspection:                                                                                                                         

Permit #:

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Property Address:

Subdivision Name:

Type of Inspection:
 Plumbing/Electrical Under Slab
 Slab Prep
 Flooring-mono slab-Foundation (Foundation Survey, and/or special-third party inspections must be submitted and     approved after the footing/slab is poured before any further inspections will be scheduled or conducted.)
 Poured Walls (Forms on both sides installed.)
 Sewer Lateral & Tap (Certification required for CO)
 Porch, Patio, Cover (Including post connections top and bottom)
 House Wrap
 Roughs (Building, Electrical, LV, Mechanical, & Plumbing) Energy barriers, draft stopping and fire stopping
 Temporary to Permanent Power (Dry-wall must be in place.)
 Final Inspection for Grading & Landscaping
 Finals (Building, Electrical, LV, Mechanical, & Plumbing)
 Final CO for Arborist
 Other; Please list:

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Who should we contact with questions?       

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Who do I call before I dig?
Damage to underground utility lines is a major problem in the United States.  Incidents caused by unsafe digging practices can compromise community safety and disconnect people from critical services.  Georgia 811 is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to preventing damage to Georgia's underground utilities and promoting public safety.

Georgia law mandates that, before beginning any mechanized digging or excavation work, you must contact Georgia 811 by using eRequest on or by calling 811 or 1-800-282-7411 at least 48 hours but no more than 10 working days in advance to have utility lines marked.