City Council

The Elected Voice of Our City
The Holly Springs City Council sets all policies for the City including fiscal and administrative policy. The councilmembers' terms of office are for four years. Elections occur every two years so terms are staggered. Each year the City Council selects one of their members to be mayor pro tem.

The current mayor pro tem is Michael Zenchuk; he takes on the role of mayor when Mayor Miller is absent.

All wards are city-at-large positions with geographic residency requirements. A map of the geographic wards can be viewed here.

City Council Members
      Councilmember Kyle Whitaker             Councilmember Dee Phillips               Mayor Pro Tem Michael R. Zenchuk II
                        Kyle Whitaker                                                   Dee Phillips                                            Michael Roy Zenchuk II
                             Ward 1                                                             Ward 2                                                              Ward 3

                                            Councilmember Karen Barnett                       Councilmember Jeremy Smith
                                                           Karen Barnett                                                   Jeremy Smith
                                                                Ward 4                                                             Ward 5

Each councilmember serves as chair of one of five committees: Finance & Administration, Parks & Recreation, Planning & Zoning, Police, and Public Works. The committees are made up of the chairperson, a co-chair (who is also a member of the City Council) and the mayor/city manager.

  • Finance & Administration: Michael Zenchuk - Chair; Dee Phillips - Co-Chair
  • Parks & Recreation: Karen Barnett - Chair; Kyle Whitaker - Co-Chair
  • Planning & Zoning: Kyle Whitaker - Chair; Jeremy Smith - Co-Chair
  • Police: Dee Phillips - Chair; Jeremy Smith - Co-Chair
  • Public Works: Michael Zenchuk - Chair; Karen Barnett - Co-Chair

Archived Agendas and Minutes
Archive 2016
Archive 2017