Sponsorship Information

untitled shoot-002Sponsors play a vital role not only in Autumn Fest, but all events hosted by the City of Holly Springs. All events are offered to residents and visitors of the City free of charge. Special events receive no funds generated from property taxes, making events truly free for all guests.

In addition to offering families and friends fun and unique opportunities to spend time together in their hometown, we also view special events as economic drivers for our local economy. In 2019, over 11,000 guests enjoyed events in Holly Springs; that's 11,000 potential new clients, 11,000 potential new patients, 11,000 potential new business contacts.

Sponsors enjoy a prime location to themselves, Holly Springs-1163Sponsors' Row, which receives constant traffic throughout the entire day.

If your business is interested in making valuable business connections while giving your friends and neighbors the best experience possible at Autumn Fest, consider becoming a sponsor today.

Sponsorship Package

Questions? Contact:
Erin Honea, EDFP
Economic Development Director