Town Center, Industrial Connector,  & Holly Springs Pkwy. Widening Project Updates

Town Center Project

The City has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback since several news articles helped spread awareness about the City’s Town Center Project.

The City realizes that with all of this new information, there were still a few questions left unanswered. We hope that the information provided here will make clear the items that were left a little hazy. As always, please feel free to contact the City if you have any further questions.

(Please note that plans are subject to change and must be formally adopted by the Holly Springs City Council prior to the execution of a development agreement.)

tcp rendering 2Q: What kind of development will the Holly Springs Town Center Project be?
A: The development will truly be a “Live, Work, Play,” project. Housing options will include lofts, townhomes, and cottage homes. There is space for retail and office space. The center of the development will be the new City Hall, which will overlook an event green. We are looking forward to being able to hold all of the City’s special events, like the Easter Egg Hunt, Autumn Fest, and Christmas Parade in the heart of the City.

Q: What kind of retail shops will be coming to the Town Center?
A: There is not a specific list of retail businesses for the town center yet. However, a marketing study completed by Bleakly Advisory group found that there are opportunity gaps for the types of businesses that generally comprise successful Atlanta-area town center developments within a two mile trade radius. The study specifically noted that there were opportunity gaps for restaurants, clothing stores, and general merchandise stores.

Q: What is the anticipated start and completion date of the Holly Springs Town Center Project?
tcp rendering 1A: While there is not a completion date yet, the City of Holly Springs and the Holly Springs Downtown Development Authority entered into a Development and Management Agreement with Stonecrest Homes GA, LLC in November of 2017. The City also entered into an agreement with Southeastern Engineering, Inc. for land disturbance design, master hydrology, schematic design, and coordination of the site. The tentative start date for construction is the spring of 2018.

Industrial Connector Project
The City Council approved Conceptual Alignment #1 for the Industrial Connector Project on August 28, 2017. The Industrial Connector as proposed is approximately 3/4 of a mile in length and ties to Holly Springs Parkway at its intersection with Mountain Brook Drive. The Project will include realignment of Hickory Springs Industrial Drive and a newly constructed intersection on Hickory Road. The new roadway will provide an alternative route for heavy truck traffic from Hickory Springs Industrial Park and P. Rickman Industrial Park to Holly Springs Parkway south of Exit 14 on I-575. The new roadway is also proposed to have a grade-separated railroad crossing which will alleviate traffic issues on Hickory Road at the current at-grade crossing.

The Project is currently in the scoping phase and is scheduled for completion in January 2018. The City contracted with AECOM to identify route alternatives, study environmental and property impacts, estimated cost, constructability, and traffic performance.

industrial connector

It is anticipated that design, the purchase of right-of-way, and utility relocation could take another three to four years. The construction phase of the Industrial Connector Project is projected to last approximately  two years. Based on these estimates, the tentative completion date for the Project is fall of 2023.

Holly Springs Parkway Widening Project
The City of Holly Springs will advertise for bids and award the construction contract for the Holly Springs Parkway Widening Project in winter 2018. The Project will include the extension of culverts over Toonigh Creek, and the construction of four travel lanes with a median from Toonigh Creek to Rabbit Hill Road, the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Holly Springs Parkway and Rabbit Hill Road, the installation of sidewalks and lampposts, and improvements to Rabbit Hill Road east of I-575.

Construction will include the addition of eight linear feet of fill over Toonigh Creek and the removal of six feet of linear fill south of Rabbit Hill Road. As a result, Holly Springs Parkway will be closed between Home Depot and Rabbit Hill Road for several months during construction. Please use an alternative route during construction to avoid delays.

HSP widening project